Our mission: to feed an evolution


There is an emerging market in the food industry for conscientious businesses offering a high quality product. The plant-based food movement is taking off, and this is not a trend; it is a sustainable option for the future of our planet. By offering an efficient yet high quality dining experience we can help to satisfy a growing need for fast, sustainable and healthy eating. We currently own and operate two restaurants that are plant and seafood-centric. We work to minimize waste and respect the planet by practicing total utilization and waste minimizing techniques. We have been lucky enough to work with local farms and fishermen, and understand that the most sustainable and tastiest products are those that are sourced locally and seasonally. Davin has been offering vegan options on his menus since 2004, and believes strongly that moving in a plant-based direction is the right thing to do.

We are currently raising additional funds to finish building our flagship Plot in South Oceanside. We are also working to identify possible future locations. If you believe in this mission and would like to discuss collaboration you can reach us through the ‘contact us page,’ or call me directly.


Oceanside location coming soon!

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