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I have never been much of a blogger, but I am going to try and jot down a few thoughts while we work on creating this thing. It already exists in my head: this gorgeous restaurant that produces delicious vegan food while maintaining zero waste operations. Ethically, environmentally and nutritionally I know that we are headed in the right direction. Judging by the ordering trends I see at my own restaurants, articles I have read, and feedback from the community I believe that this project makes sense from a business perspective as well. After almost 30 years as a vegetarian and vegan nothing could make me happier than to see our society evolve in the direction of respectful and conscientious consumption. I am so overwhelmingly excited to be on this journey. Much love, Jess  

"As we roll into a new year, we can expect more of the same, but there’s one trend over all others that looks to define the way we’ll be eating over the next 12 months: 2018 will be the year of dining consciously.
That means looking out for our health, our planet and those we share it with it as we tuck in to our dinner. But not in a worthy way. This year London is set to show the world just how delicious making a difference can be."

"2017 was the year vegan food became more mainstream and we will continue to see it grow in 2018. Not only have more casual dining chains, like Wagamama and JD Wetherspoon added more vegan dishes to menus, but we also saw the arrival of plant-based restaurants, such as Wulf & Lamb and US chain by Chloe. Experts predict this will continue into 2018.
Ben Marks, chef at Perilla in London adds: “I think vegan food will become far more common and accessible as people become more conscious about the environment and their health. I think we’ll see top chefs having to embrace the movement, dietary requirements have massively increased since I started cooking and it’s difficult to ignore the issues that are arising with our environment.”
André Garrett, executive chef at Cliveden House says we can expect to see more of that this year: “I think we will see more and more movement away from food waste and as a result, an increase in ‘nose to tail’ cooking or `root to shoot`, using every part of a vegetable.”